The Ultimate Wheel Cleaning and Care Kit – Restore Protect and Shine Your Wheels

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Kryptonite Alkaline Wheel Cleaner Shines & Removes Brake Dust Grime Road Film- 1L

  • Shines and cleans alloy wheels with no excessive scrubbing needed.
  • Removes brake dust, grime and road film.
  • Professional strength product and dilution is recommended before use.
  • Recommended Dilution – 1:100

Az-Clean Vinyl & Rubber Care Restores & Protects Faded Surfaces – 1L

  • Over time the sun can fade, dry and crack these surfaces, VinylRubber Care ensures that these areas remain protected. It can be applied to give a high or low sheen.
  • This easy to use solution gently cleans and forms a barrier to restore and protect faded plastic and rubber surfaces.
  • Vinyl & Rubber Care is also excellent at transforming your engine. After cleaning with Engine & Machine Cleaner, spray over a wet engine and leave to dry.

Iron Decontaminator 1L

  • Safe to use on paint, trim and glass.


Sash Detailing Brush Car Cleaning Wheel Cleaning Tyre Paste Size 16

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Wheel Cleaner

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