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Azure Liquid Solutions’ mission is to distribute turnkey liquid solutions to a range of commercial and domestic customers. We have access through our impressive manufacturing and purchasing capabilities to bring liquid solutions to a vast array of industry sectors such as Automotive, Cosmetic/Beauty, Cleaning/Hygiene, Printing, Building/Engineering, Paint, Water Treatment, Chemical and many more.

We are exceptionally proud of our vehicle valeting products and car care accessories, we’ve developed a market leading range of valeting chemicals our brands being Kryptonite, Odessa, Happy Camp-Az and Az-Clean.

Our Products are manufactured in the UK under ISO accreditation, giving our customers the confidence they will be receiving high-quality products, as well as knowing they are dealing with a conscientious and ethical organisation. Based Just off Junction 23 of the M6, we are ideally located to distribute our products quickly and efficiently throughout the UK and overseas.


Here’s just an idea of some of our products:

  • Traffic Film Removers

  • Screen Wash

  • Antifreeze & Coolant

  • Car Shampoo

  • Car Polish

  • Tyre Dressing

  • Interior Cleaners

  • Wheel Acid

  • Glass Cleaner

  • Bumper Shine

  • Dash Shine

  • Car Polish

  • Dash Cleaners

  • Tar & Glue Removers

  • De-icer

  • Thinners

  • Car Wax

  • many many more!


The Azure corporate philosophy is to supply products fit for purpose while maintaining a reasonable profit, conducting ourselves in an ethical way respecting both our customers, suppliers and the Planet.

Azure is working to develop products for the future that embrace the changing market requirements while building a robust business supported by long term relationships with suppliers and customers alike.


Our slogan of LIQUID SOLUTIONS encompasses the business we are in and the challenges before us.

Azure makes liquid products for many diverse markets and applications. It is both a liquid and a solution to the all-encompassing requirement we have and the challenges we face.


There is a distinct lack of clarity within the chemical consumer goods market and as to what products actually are in a chemical and environmental sense. There are water-based products, low V.O.C. products, eco products; biodegradable products and some loosely regarded as ecologically designed ‘eco’ products.  There are no internationally regulated industry standards in relation to labelling, leaving the consumer somewhat confused and in certain circumstances mislead.  There are so many products adorning the shelves of retail outlets that are packed in green containers or have green labelling that follow the eco theme, but are not on close scrutiny what you would expect.

At Azure, it is within our corporate policy to develop products that are environmentally friendly and the information we provide is open, specific and honest. We refer to this as the Aztech system that is used through all our businesses; it gives the consumer an instantly visible indication of a products ecological profile. It is an indicator system based upon two symbols that are evident on the product label. They are a Red Cross and a Green Cross.

1) The single Red Cross symbol is designed so that both use and storage of the product is done so with caution.

2) The double Red Cross symbol is designed so that both use and storage are done so with extreme caution and protection.

3) The Single Green Cross symbol is designed so that both use and storage of the product is done so knowing it is safe and environmentally friendly fitting within the general ‘eco’ friendly product grouping.

4) The double Green Cross symbol is designed so that both the usage and storage of the product is done so knowing it is safe and environmentally friendly, fitting within the highest level of ‘eco’ product grouping being made from only food grade materials.  The product although safe is not recommended for human consumption.

The Azure products that are Eco-friendly but could contain V.O.C. or synthetic material are classified as the OCEANIA range and generally covered by the Green Cross Aztec symbol.

The Azure products that are made 100% from F & D.A. approved edible materials are classified as the GAIA range and are covered by the double Green Cross.

We endeavour to use recycled packing materials and offer a returnable container service to our volume customers.  We continually assess with the intention of the reduction of our carbon footprint.  We vigorously work towards new technology and safer products whilst maintaining responsible manufacturing and waste control.  Working with both our suppliers and customers through dialogue and commitment we are endeavouring to ensure the protection of our planet for the future generation.


Our name Azure is derived from the wonderful colour of the beautiful Caribbean Sea. It is a symbol of warmth, good environment and just a good place to be. We have branded our product ranges from this theme covering names of Oceans and Seas for our general ranges under each business.

We have some ranges such as Oceania that span all our businesses and offer an Eco-friendly product whether it be a car engine degreaser or a Dog shampoo. The Gaia range that is the Greek name of the Goddess Mother Nature crosses all our businesses and offers the highest level of environment consideration being made from edible components.

Azure offers several high-end brands that are marketed at direct business sections such as the Kryptonite Automotive Range so we do have some abnormalities within some sectors that you can find under the specific company product information sector.

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