Aluminium Cleaner and Descaler - 25 Litres.

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Aluminium Cleaner is a specially formulated highly concentrated aluminium cleaner acid for the fast removal of scale and oxide build up from alloy wheels, aluminium vehicle bodies, roller shutter doors and metal casings etc. May also be used for phosphating steel parts prior to painting.

A concentrated phosphoric acid blend for cleaning all types of aluminium including commercial vehicle bodywork, especially fridge and bulk trailer bodies. It is a concentrated blend of hydrochloric and phosphoric acid. It works brilliantly at restoring tarnished aluminium that is found on many commercial vehicles such as tipper bodies, aluminium fuel tanks etc. Also helps to protect it against damage from salt and traffic film.

  • Fast acting acidic aluminium cleaner
  • Removed oxide film from aluminium
  • Excellent for preparing metal surfaces to improve paint adhesion
  • Highly concentrated cost effective formula 
  • Easy application - use either hot or cold


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