Azure Methanol Pure 99.85% ACS Methyl Alcohol Common Laboratory Solvent - 5L

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5 Litres Methanol 99.85% ACS (Methyl Alcohol)
Methanol is a common laboratory solvent. It is especially useful for HPLC, UV/VIS spectroscopy, and LCMS due to its low UV cut off.

A 5L Bottle of Methanol 99.85% ACS (Methyl Alcohol).

Common uses:

  • For use in the production of Biodiesel
  • Used in Power/Fuel Cells in Caravans and Camper Homes
  • Used as a Racing Fuel
  • Used as a Fuel Additive
  • Used in Production of Microscopy Stains
  • Used in Manufacture of Formaldehyde
  • Used as an Anti-freeze
  • Used as a Denaturant for Alcohols


Minimum Assay: 99.85%
Molecular Formula: CH4O
Molecular Weight: 32.04 g/mol
Flash Point: 11 °C
Boiling Point: 64.96 °C
Melting Point: -97.8 °C
Water: <0.1%

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