Stone and Render Wash Removes Organic & Moisture Related Soiling & Stains - 25L

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Effectively removes organic and moisture related soiling and stains from most porous building materials such as concrete, natural stone, renders, terracotta, bricks and wood, etc.etc.


It is a high performance, ready to use, cleaning product which is still gentle on the substrate. Fast, easy and safe to use it will remove greasy stains, moisture related spots and stains, algae and leaf stains, etc. etc.


Renderwash is ready to use. Do not dilute or mix with other products. first brush off any build up of moss, leaves etc. Spray apply the product generously to the substrate. Allow 5 - 30 mins dwell time. Rinse the surface with garden hose or pressure washer. On heavily soiled areas hot/superheated water may improve results. Repeat the above procedure if some staining remains







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