Anchor Teak Wood Cleaner 5L

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Azure Premium Anchor Teak Wood Cleaner Removes Oils Stains Easy To Use - 5 Litre


Premium teak cleaner, the fastest, easiest way to clean teak and other fine woods to prepare them for oiling. 


It will safely remove old oils and stains without the need for sanding. 


Cleans without harsh acids or neutralisers. 


Easy to use, it produces great results on teak and other fine woods.


Badly weathered (grey or black) teak: Apply Anchor Teak Cleaner directly to dry wood. Spread cleaner with stiff bristle cleaning brush. Allow Teak Clear to remain on surface for approximately two to three minutes, then scrub in the direction of wood grain to ensure deep cleaning. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Lightly stained teak: Wet wood with fresh water. Apply Teak Cleaner and spread with brush. Scrub lightly to remove dirt and stains. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water.


Note: Immediately rinse spills and drips from surfaces not to be treated. Avoid contact with fabrics.



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