Bitumen & Tar Remover Super Strength Product Fast Removal Professional Use - 20L (4 x 5L)

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Professional Use


High quality Bitumen Remover in 4 x 5L Litre tubs, removes tar and bitumen for industrial usage. fast working product recommended to not be left on more than the time given. suitable for a large range of ideal uses. 




A super strength product for fast removal of tar and bitumen. For domestic or industrial use. This is a powerful emulsibiable degreaser which breaks down tar and bitumen and reduces it back to a liquid making it much easier to clean away from tough surfaces such as driveways


Ideal for using on cars and lorries, roads, driveways and paths, road making machinery, tankers, rakes, brooms, ladders, masonry surfaces etc. Ideal for the removal of a wide variety of adhesives and other general cleaning jobs where a tough solvent is required.




Use as supplied. Spray or brush on to surfaces. Allow to soak in thoroughly, agitate if necessary leave for approximately 10 minutes then power spray or hose off with water.


This products works fast so do not leave on longer then advised.


It is advised to test on a small area prior to use. Please follow the guidelines as stated on the product label 



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